Psychology-Based Creative Strategy

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What can psychology based creative do for my brand?

You're not in control of what your customers purchase...but hey, neither are your customers!

Using psychology within your creative gives YOU an untouchable competitive edge...and here's why. ‚¨áÔłŹ

95% of our daily decisions are controlled by the subconscious mind. This super powerful processor can analyze 11 million bits per second and has the ability to direct our entire lives using the emotional, situational, experiential, and relational knowledge it has recorded from birth to present-day.

ūüĒ• Learning how to speak to the subconscious mind gives you a direct line to your customer's deepest desires and allows you to tap into their need for emotional connection before asking for the sale. You're priming your customers to buy from you...without having to even ask for their money.

It's a cheat code for paid advertising. And it's the only way brands will be able to survive in a post iOS14/post cookie world.

Can you help me with my brand?

I'm on a mission to help as many brands discover the power of psychology-based creative as I can, however that does come at a price...I unfortunately can't help everyone all at once! The best way to reach me is to book a call here, or catch me on Twitter.

Do you do brand partnerships?

My brand partnership roster is completely full at the moment. Check back to stay updated on openings.

Do you do agency partnerships?

My agency partnership roster is completely full at the moment. Check back to stay updated on openings.

Are you accepting content sponsorships?

I am! If you're interested in becoming a sponsor for my YouTube, TikTok, or newsletter content, please fill out this form. I'll contact you shortly to setup a quick 15 minute call to discuss more.

Are you available for full time positions?

Sorry, no. ūüė¨ I'm currently working on a consulting/contract basis only.

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