• GTM with 14,700 Followers

    With a dedicated following of 14,700 individuals, my network represents a diverse range of professionals, thought leaders, and influencers. Their engagement and support amplify the reach of my speaking engagements, ensuring your event gains exposure to a highly engaged audience.

  • Reach over 500K viewers

    A social media reach of 500K monthly viewers gives your event the option of widespread visibility within a highly targeted audience, ensuring your message resonates with a vast network of eager and receptive individuals. This creates heightened brand exposure and opportunities for meaningful connections.

  • Elevate the experience

    My speaking style is a mashup of storytelling, entertainment, and education with a dash of humor. I use powerful imagery in all my presentations to help your audience make that psychological connection with the content for better retention and engagement.

Sarah Levinger

Sarah Levinger is a Forbes-featured consumer behavior analyst, creative strategist, and performance creative consultant.

To date, she has helped hundreds of e-commerce brands increase their paid advertising ROI using psychology-based creative, and has worked with brands such as Fabletics, Obvi, and Barstool Sports.

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